Registered Texas Longhorn Beef


All our meat is inspected and processed by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) or Texas State Department of Health Services (SDHS) inspected and approved facilities.

"Adding the healthy, friendly essential fats for cell wall integrity; lowering the bad cholesterol, triglyceride and blood sugar levels; raising the good cholesterol - you're going to find all of that possible by adding omega-3s, like those found in pasture-raised Longhorn beef, to your diet. By putting good, healthy food into your system, the quality of life of Type II diabetics or people with high cholesterol and blood pressure can improve dramatically. And the best part with Longhorn beef is that it tastes great. With proper diet and exercise plan, now you can eat beef, totally guilt-free, and really watch your blood chemistry and body composition improve.
Red meat is a treasure trove of nutrients, including protein, iron, vitamin B 12, and more. One of the healthiest red meats is Registered Longhorn Beef, which is extremely low in fat."
- Cliff Sheats, Ph.D., Certified Clinical Nutritionist, and nationally recognized author of Lean Bodies, Total Fitness.

Our meat is local, pasture raised, Registered Texas Longhorn beef supplied by Bineham Longhorn Ranch.

We started B Healthy Meats, LLC because our Texas Longhorn beef is so delicious we wanted to share it with our friends and neighbors.

"Lean beef is good for you -- and the key word is lean. A heart patient can eat steak every meal if it is in the right proportions. Longhorn meat, on average, contains 10 percent less saturated fat than that of other cattle. That puts lean Longhorn beef on par with skinned boneless white meat of chicken and that fact may come as a surprise to many dietitians."

- Dr. Joesph Graham
Cardiovascular Surgeon at St. John's Medical Center in Joplin, MI, and Longhorn breeder.


B Healthy Meats, LLC

Price List

Ask about our Discounts for & Military Members Veterans, Teachers and First Responders. We offer Discounts for large orders (one discount per order). We also offer whole or half beef.

You can purchase meat on Sundays from 10am-2pm at the Alamo Heights Farmers Market (255 East Basse Road, San Antonio in the Quarry Market shopping center).

If you would like to place an order for delivery send us an email at or call (210) 268-5841.


Delivery within a 20 mile radius of downtown San Antonio is $20.00 and free of charge for orders over $100.00. Call for or email for a delivery fee quote outside the area.

Be sure to ask us about our recipes, cooking techniques for various cuts or we can answer any questions you may have.

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Our birds are pasture raised, free range and eggs are hand collected daily.

Chicken eggs $8.00 per dozen
Duck eggs $6.00 half dozen

Ground Beef Price/Lb

1Lb Hamburger (Ground Beef) $ 8.99

2Lbs Hamburger (Ground Beef) $ 7.99 per lb

3+Lbs Hamburger (Ground Beef) $ 6.99 per lb

Hamburger patties 3 patties per lb

1lb $9.99

2lbs $8.99 per lb

3lbs $7.99 per lb


Chuck Eye Steak $19.00 lb

Chuck Steak $13.00 lb

Cutlets (Cubed Steak) (Tenderized) $11.00 lb

Denver Steak $24.00 lb.

Flank Steak (Tenderized) $12.00 lb

Flat Iron Steak $22.00 lb

Hanger Steak $29.00 bl.

Inside Skirt Steak/Outside Skirt Steak (Tenderized) $12.00 lb

New York Strip $25.00 lb

Petite Tenders $21.00 lb

Ribeye (Bone-In) $29.00 lb

Round Steak $13.00 lb

Sirloin Flap/Bavette $18.00 lb

Sirloin Steak (Top Sirloin) $18.00 lb

T-Bone $27.00 lb

Tenderloin Filet $34.00 lb

Tenderloin Tips $26.00 lb

Tri-Tip Steak $25.00 lb


Arm $10.00 lb

Chuck Roast $10.00 lb

Rump $13.00 lb

Brisket $14.00 lb

Pike’s Peak Roast $14.00 lb

Rib Roll (Prime Rib) $26.00 lb

Striploin $19.00 lb

Top Sirloin Roast $18.00 lb

Whole Tenderloin $31.00 lb

Specialty Cuts

Beef/Soup Bones $ 4.00 lb

Cheek Meat $10.00 lb

Heart $8.00 lb

Liver $8.00 lb

Sweetbreads $8.00 lb

Tongue $ 8.00 lb

Marrow Bones $ 8.00 lb

Osso Bucco $14.00 lb

Oxtail $11.00 lb

Short Ribs $12.00 lb

Flanken Ribs (Korean Style) $12.00 lb

Stew Meat $10.00 lb