An important part of managing the land is predator control, which we accomplish by ethically hunting and trapping predators like raccoons, wild pigs, and coyotes. These overpopulated predators decimate the quail, turkey, duck, and deer populations, damage the environment and can transmit numerous diseases if not controlled.

The wild pig population in Texas is estimated to be between 2.5 million to 4 million and those pigs do more than $52 million dollars of damage each year.

We specialize in Father-son/daughter and Mother-daughter/son hunts with an emphasis on teaching first time hunters how to safely and responsibly handle a firearm and harvest animals.

The meat from the free-range wild pigs harvested on the Bineham Longhorn Ranch is delicious and much leaner than store bought pork. The pork from feral pigs is all natural - it has no preservatives or additives and is not pumped full of antibiotics & hormones.

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Susan & Doug Bineham with Susan's 10 point buck 19 1/2 inch inside spread
Taken with a youth model .243 single shot rifle

Christian Moreno & Doug Bineham
with a big wild boar taken at Bineham Longhorn Ranch

Christian Moreno with his first hog

Susan Bineham with her first deer,
a giant 10 point buck

Emily Calva with a giant opossum she took with her pink Crickett youth model .22

Emily Calva and a big hog

Emily Calva & Doug with Emily's first rabbit taken with her pink Crickett .22 youth model rifle

Emily Calva with a large wild boar

Francisco Charles & Christian Moreno
with a wild pig


Francisco Charles harvests his first hog

First time hunters Caleb Davis with his first whitetail doe & Colin Davis with his first cottontail rabbit

Francisco's trophy boar has huge tusks


First time hog hunter Aidan Cadle and guide Doug Bineham. Aidan harvested two pigs using a Savage .308 with a Vortex scope